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What is the difference between Lipoma and Lipoma-Tumor (LT)

Dear friends
quite often I can hear from people that they don't understand what it means Lipoma and Lipoma-Tumor (LT). Particular in forums in which people are discussing problems with this "fat" on different parts of their body they have and are angry and can't find an explanation why they have them
 I will help you to clarify the situation.
Firstly: When I was personal with these "lump" involved over several years, I had the same trouble to learn to understand what the people are talking about: Injections, Suctions etc. These words confused me at the beginning.

When he has shown me how LT can looks like, I understood that it is not possible to catch them in your body and pull them out. Some location in which yo explore them are  so bad, that in theory you could not dream of it . Even the story of inject this with a serum made no sense, because you didn't see on ultrasound tests the formation of them. On the end, only the operation could help. But still I was not satisfied with the problem that people used the word Lipoma as a  different subjection and made the problem even harder to understand.
 To bring a clearance in this field, I created early the 2000 a word Lipoma-Tumor which also I found that medical professionals could better understand what the patient meant by this. The clearance described from this time that the word Lpioma should be understand when you mean "Fat skin on your hips, stomach or upper arms or on your tights. This has the result of you drinking, eating too much and have less movements. Sometimes the person has a real medical problems.

Secondly: Lipoma-Tumors are  starting to grow slowly, and at the fist time you will not take notice. If they increase the numbers or sizes, or even they start to become painful, you should get an ultrasound test. When you have on top moving problems then you should see a real expert.

Take notice that so far only the operation, when possible, can help you to get rid of it. None of the products which cosmetic people are using has killed Lipoma-Tumors. Lipoma-Tumors are a metabolic problems in which part of our cell system are be not in order.

Kind regards

Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2018

Episacral Lipoma-Tumor (ELT)

Dear Readers
 I have found a very important article for you written by Z.  Oezeri , Turkish, because it clears the differences when people have problems of the low back, that it cause also from Episacral lipoma Tumor (ELT)  Here is the detail report:
Abstract:  Episacal lipoma is a small, render subcutaneous nodule primarily occurring over the posterior iliac crest. ELT is a significant and treatable cause of acute and chronic low back pain. ELT occurs as a result of tears in the thoracodorsal fascia and subsequent herniation of a portion of the underlying dorsal fat pad through the tear. This clinical entity is common, and recognition is simple. The presence of a painful nodule with disappearance of pain after injection with anaesthetic, is

Medication and physical therapy may not be affective. Local injection of the nodule with a  solution of a anaesthetic and steroid is effective in treating the ELT. Here we describe 2 patients with painful nodules over the posterior iliac crest. One patient complained of severe lower back pain radiating to the left lower extremity and this patient subsequently underwent disc operation. The other patient had been treated for greater trochanteric pain syndrome. In both patients, symptoms appeared to be relieved by local injection of anesthetic and steroid. ELT should be considered during diagnostic workup  and in differential diagnosis of acute and chronic low back pain.

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Why we don't hear nothing from India?

Dear Readers,

it is a long time ago when I looked on the map of the world from which countries I get response, I was always wondering why I have not seen on the scale India. From Facebook I know how many persons are like to have questions about Lipoma Tumor problems and what a lot of people from there wrote to me is shocking! But compare the situation with Europe, I can say there are no differences. The medical professionals are not educated with LT and therefore they have no interest to help the people. They don't knew how many consequences LT can cause is not of any interest of them

If I think how many severe problems I had when I was effected with LT, and what all could happen, I can't think about that. Is a break down with me from me in a flight from Australia to Frankfurt 2 hours before the plain was landing not enough, and what was happened when the alarm on the airport was on?

Why we can't find medical practitioners somewhere to set up a basis line to bring all the collected material and start? Is this not a doctors responsibility to help people which are suffer? Or can I ask all the LT readers in the world should we take this problem in our own hands? To complain about pain and other problems will not find a solution. So each one should think about it.
Thanks for your comments!
SIR Klaus

Samstag, 30. Dezember 2017

The world wide LT sufferer

Dear Readers

first I wish everybody a very Happy New Year with all the best wishes, and I hope that a lot of people will have the same success in treatment with their LT as I had done it, years ago! I still believe that everybody can achieve this, but it will take time and a strong will!
Now here are some statistics from Google which shows the number of readers and where they are located This doesn't mean that we haven't also readers from Asia, Middle East, India, South America etc. but in lower numbers. If you have any questions regarding LT, please write to me. I wish you all the best,

kind regards

SIR Klaus

Germany   59517
USA            9666
Austria        4582
Switzerland 3690
Russia         2168
France         1474
Australia     1239
Ukraine         586
Netherlands   384

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The way how I found the key to become free of LT?

 in 1994 I found my first swelling on my right thigh with a lot of pain. My surgeon told me it has to be operated. From then, I had no further problems until the year 2007. On different parts of the body LT's were grown in different sizes and most with a lot of pain. Particular in the beginning on the back. Sometimes I was unable to turn around the body. A total of 51 were operated over the time up to 2013.

From the time when the first LT was observed, I started to investigate what can cause this problem and why I have it. All doctors which I have saw where unable to answer my questions, or told me stories which I doubted. The first question was is my acid-base ratio in order? I studied reports about this from Dr. A. Sherry, University of Texas at Dallas. Acid in your body and also what Dr. Robert Young had found in his studies about this now common problem and how important this is to have the ph-level in the blood in order. 

Both mentioned about the risk of having the body over acidified because this will damage the cell system is today easy to have it, and with this, the body will lose his immunity defense system and so more bacteria can grow and damage of the body is forecast. 

If we look today what we are consuming and drinking plus what we consume of chemical  drugs and where we are living, it is no wonder, that we will haven't more problems. It is called Environmental Metabolic Problem (Lifestyle disease)

Nothing- despite from the little bit what we can consume on organic products- we are more and more on the way to kill us. Cancer is only one of the new disease of this. The chemical industry is creating more and more products for everything, even young kids been invited to take tablets if they have a flue or get injection, which mostly aren't helping, but starting to poison the immune system. Our body is disrupted from all this chemical material, and our body is unable to produce the necessary amount of minerals we need every day! This is the major problem from today!

Two of these minerals our body needs to survive are Silicea and Klinoptilolith-Zeolith SiO2. Silicea is known as the oldest remedy of the human being. Prof. Dr. K. Hecht, Berlin Chartie, has written in clear and understandable words in his book what both minerals can do, Also horsetail herb is  perfect against tumours, which lipoma is one of this.  Prof. Dercum has found in his researches the symptoms, and much more important, he could make the differences between the Dercum disease and the Lipoma-tomours. The adiposis dolorosa, better understood as fatty tissue rheumatism has nothing to do with the common types of Lipoma-tumour. And also the fatty lumps of the body are different from Lipoma-tumour. But all have to do something with the not intact fatty cells. And not intact
 fatty cells are the problems, or one of the problems for these tumours, which lost the interest to be medically examined by the industry, and therefore it is the reason, while patients have difficulties to talk with their doctors about this problem, and there is a big problem involved, because they don't see the problem in it, until the problem becomes a reality and causes trouble. Over the years I have made the experiences in fact and learnt how severe this can be. Is that not a problem to break down on a flight or get suddenly cramps in your back?

From my first operation till the last in 2013, I researched all pathalogical reports of the operated lipoma-tumours, particular the changes of the sizes and the substances and I could find that every time when I had an operation, the results were different, which I assume, is reflecting to the natural drugs and herb teas I took. In the first year I modified the type of Schuessler salts and the amount  of pills, also I modified the mixture of the herb teas, but overall the category of Lipoma-tumour  I had, was different each other time.

After several years in which I had all these operations and regular ultrasound tests, once was remarkable: The growing number of LT had stopped! This was at my knowledge the first time, that such event was reported. And, not to forget that I haven't changed my diet or drinking habits. So this is still what Prof. Dercum found out, LT hasn't to do with the change of diet. It is more important to knew, that we have to stabilize the mineral basis, which the body need. The food we ear has lost the normal amount of minerals and that is the key to understand! The other important thing is that the food we consume is toxic, and that problem can be solved by taking the necessary amount of minerals, other wise our body getting weaker and weaker. This doesn't interest the pharma industry, therefore we have to control this by our own.

So what we have to do? First eliminate all foreign substances ( bad minerals) and detoxify your body, clear the blood, and stop the fat growing process. If the fat production in our blood and in our cell system is stopped, we can regenerate these important parts in the body by taking the required minerals.

With these natural remedies I mentioned before (herb tea, Schuessler salts and Klinoptilolith-Zeolith
I was the first person in the world which is now free of LT since 2013, and the good news are that people of my forum followed me and have done the long way reported in this forum that they see the same result coming up.
Side effects are that the body and the organs become healthy and strong and the immunity can fight against the bacteria which are treid to break in. 

Of course there is more to do as how I have it written down here, but it shoiuld be the beginning of a new area of health which aren't doing only one thing, because if the body is clean and all roughages are destroyed a wide range stability will be in the body to stop anwanted sickness and all accompanied facts are associated. 

Here is the solution:

*Acid Base balance                 * Detoxification                   * Metabolic balance

*Reduction of Fat                    * Increase of natural minerals

My last blood test has shown that since I'm taking the minerals my blood in his common substance has provided better results, and therefore other failures may be fixed as well before I get notice of it.
Now after 4 years on ultrasound tests no reports are indicate of new growing  LT

SIR Klaus        

Freitag, 10. Februar 2017

Bariena Lunulina Balm keine Hoffnung.....

nach Wochen des hin und her um ein Produkt, von dem der Hersteller behauptet, damit kann man Lipoma aufloesen, konnte den Test, der vom 27. 1. bis 9.05. nicht erfolgreich bestehen und somit ist wieder eine Hoffnung gestorben.
Produkt: Bariena Lunulina Balm, Thailand
Testobjekte: Lipoma subutaneous im rechten Oberarm, linken und rechten Oberschenkel
Art der Behandlung: mehrmaliges Einmassieren des Produktes auf die betroffenen Stellen
Medzinische Ergebnisse: 3 Ultraschalltests 2010/2011
sonstige Unterlagen: taegliche Aufzeichnungen, Informationen des Herstellers
Nebenwirkungen: ja, anfangs leichte Roetungen um die Einreibestellen, nach laengerer Behandlung, starke Hautroetungen und starker Juckreiz bis zur Unterbrechung des Testes.
Andere Testergebnisse: nach meinem Wissen keine
Anmeldung/Zulassung d. Produktes: Nein
Nach Aussagen des Herstellers hat er bisher keine laengeren Untersuchungen an Probanten unternommen, bis vor einigen Tagen er mir mitteilte, dass an 2 Tagen 15 mal das Balm an einem Tag aufgetragen wurde. Dabei haben sich Hautpro-
bleme und ausgepraegte Roetungen gezeigt!
Der benutzte Flaschenaufkleber ist in thailaendischer Sprache gehalten und somit kaum einem kunden verstaendlich, welche Nebeneffekte, Zusaetze in dieser Balm sich befinden, ausser Petroleum Jelly, Hybrid Mint, Kampfer, Menthol und Bariena lunulina linae.
In seiner Web site kann man nachlesen, dass zwischen 2-3Wochen die Lipomas verschwunden sein sollen.
Zahlreiche Mitteilungen von Kunden, die das Produkt benutzt haben kann man wie folgt zusammenfassen: ..." habe die Balm mehrmals auf meine "erbsengrossen Lipomas" aufgetragen. Nicht aber wie angekuendigt sind diese in 2 - 3 Wochen verschwunden, sondern zum spaeteren Zeitraum konnte ich durch "abtasen" und "fuehlen" eine Veraenderung merken"!
Es wurde bei den Personen jedoch vorher und nachher keine med. Unter-suchungen vorgenommen und man kann wohl mehr von einer "emotionellen" Meinung ausgehen, denn fuer einen Test ist das nicht zu verwerten. Bei einer solchen "Groesse" kann man wohl kaum eine Veraenderung feststellen.
In zahlreichen emails teilte mir der Hersteller widerspruechliche Informationen ueber die Nebenwirkungen mit. Anfangs bezeichnete er diese Roetungen als "positive Reaktion", spaeter als ich ihm wissen liess, dass diese eine bedenkliche Form mit dem Aufkommen von starkem Juckreiz angenommen haben, bat er mich, die Behandlung einstweilen zu stoppen, bis eine Normalisierung eintrat. Diese Unterbrechung fand zweimal waehrend es Testes statt, bis am 9.05. wegen zu starker Roetung und Juckreiz die Behandlung gaenzlich abgebrochen wurde, und die Stellen 10 Tage lang mit Emu Oel behandelt wurden.
Um klare Vorstellungen ueber die tatsaechliche Wirkung -wenn ueberhaupt- dieser Balm zu erzielen und um klare medizinische verwertbare Angaben zu erhalten, wurde zu Beginn, waehrend der Behandlung und danach (23.05.) mehrere Ultraschallaufnahmen von den Lipomas gemacht.
Hier sind die einzelenen Ergebnisse:
Testdatum: 23. 11. 10
rechter Oberarm: (1) 2.6 x 1.0 x 2.0 cm
linker Oberschenkel: (1) 3.5 x 0.6 x 2.o cm
rechter Oberschenkel: (1) 1.6 x 1.2 x 0.4 cm
(1) 2.6 x 0.4 x 2.1 cm
Testdatum: 02. 03. 11
rechter Oberarm: nicht sichtbar
linker Oberschenkel: (1) 3.4 x0.6 x 2.0 cm
rechter Oberschenkel: (1) 1.4 x 0.5 x 2.0 cm
(1) 3.2 x 0.4 x 0.2 cm
Testdatum: 23. 05. 11
rechter Oberarm: (1) 2.7 x 0.7 x 4.5 cm
(1) 4.0 x 1.5 x 5.1 cm
linker Oberschenkel: (1) 3.8 x 0.5 x 2.0 cm
rechter Oberschenkel: (1) 3.6 x 0.5 x 3.7 cm
(1) 3.5 x 1.o x 3.4 cm
Eine Copy des Testergebnisse wurde dem Hersteller zu vertraulichen Kenntnisnahme mit dem Hinweis auf Copyright und dem Verbot, diese Daten gewerblich zu vermarkten, ohne mein Einverstaendnis. Einige Tage spaeter entdeckte ich durch Zufall in einem Forum, dass der Hersteller die Copien geaendert hat und daraus einen neuen Report erstellte, da ihm es sehr notwendig erschien, endlich ein offizelles Gutachten vorzeigen zu koennen. Gegen ihn laeuft nun Strafanzeige!
Das Produkt hat nicht die Erwartungen erbracht, weder vom Zeitablauf her noch von der Tatsache, dass mit diesem Balm sich Lipomas "aufloesen" lassen. Vielmehr ist es die Tatsache, dass sie mehr und groesser geworden sind!
Der Einwand, es gaebe ja "tief- und flachsitzende" Lipomas ist dummes Zeug. Es gibt u.a. die meist verbreitesten Arten von denen wir hier sprechen naemlich:Fibro- und Angiolipomas die sich nur von der inneren Substanz unterscheiden. Eine weitere Erklaerung des Herstellers ist, dass dieser Balm nur bis zu einer"gewissen Tiefe" eindringt. Wer ist in der Lage seine Lipoma vorher zu messen und auf eine "Tiefentabelle zu sehen, ob sie nicht zu tief sitzen? So etwas kann nur ueber den Ultraschalltest erfolgen.
Das Produkt hat somit seine Aufgabe nicht erfuellt und kann wie viele andere Produkte, abgehakt werden. Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass ich solche Tests durchfuehre, denn auch der dt. Zoll scheint, wie mir berichtet wird, Bedenken zu haben, da mit Aufkleber, der nur in thailaendischer Sprache gehalten und somit eine Ueberpruefung nicht moeglich ist, noch eine Zulassung hat, die fuer medizinische wie fuer alle alternative Medikamente oder Heilprodukte erforderlich sind.
weitere Informationen zum Thema Lipoma: www.lipoma,
oder blogs:

All articles and pictures have copyrights. 

Lipomas: A serious disease or merely cosmetic?


Lipoma - seriously increasing adipose tissue disease or blemishes?

Lipoma is not a disease or a syndrome or anthing like that; it is the name of a fatty swelling (tumor)in a specific part of the body, Every people, male or female, regardless of age can get the Lipoma-Tumor, which is not malginant. Most known types are Fibrolipoma or Angiolipoma. Most effect areas of the body are: Tights, upper arms, neck, shoulder and back. People which have from time to time stiffness in these areas or pain do not get this from the Lipoma itself, it comes because the Lipoma clamp nerve, muscle or tendons
My experience with lipomas from December 2006 .......
Since I am more at home in December was collapsed and severe pain and cramps, was 5 times I brought to the hospital. The doctors were in short them available time not able to determine the actual reason. Tablets with a high dose should bridge these periods. A problem occurred, when I was on a plane to Frankfurt / M at the end of January 07 and collapsed. A thorough investigation, swelling along the spinal column notes. Ultrasound tests showed lipomas, nerves, tendons - and Muscle strands were blocked whenever a shift of lipomas occurred.
Back in Australia were more Ultrasound tests confirmed this and there was only one possibility of the operation. In April, 3 lipomas removed. The scars healed, thanks Purem Emu Oil total. Today after 2 years of back free of any swelling. However, this is not the only lipomas in my body. On both upper arms and thighs were discovered lipomas, which had different sizes and also their formation were different. (See pictures from other operations 2007)
The largest lipomas in 40 operations with a much larger number of lipomas to June 2009 were 14 x 3.5 x 8 cm and 13 x 12 x 4 cm in size. Repeatedly due to a Natural Emu Oils remained scars residues to a minimum zurück.
Despite many of my surgical experience, he learned about this at every operation, because there were always new insights and the healing processes were not always the same. Had time before the staples or threads have been removed, blood and liquid from the wound evacuated, times have been adjusted infection and swelling, which a re-admission to hospital was needed, until everything was over. Time, it is sufficient that a "drainage" in the wound was, which prevented complications. If I have today in diesm Lipoma forum like this to read that someone himself would like to remove them, or the dermatologist's practice, will I can only warn! Lipomas do not sit on the skin but is located under the skin tissue and this is just a surgical competence. Also, the lipomas varies. Some already have their own fabrics and are filled with blood, some sit so bad that the surgical nothing else left to cut through a nerve. When this happened to me in almost every operation and it takes a while to have the tendons, nerves and muscles were again overgrown. Often it is noted that the part of the body twitches and scribble. It is a good sign of healing
How can you locate lipomas?
Noticed a person that he / she referred to the swelling bodies found, one with the thumb back and forth press can be an ultra-sound tests are made. Here, the patient with clarity what the swelling is all about. Any size, width and depth and the local authority may very well be determined. This is important for the surgical! All other devices are useless and get nothing. With this result, the patient and his family doctor to discuss further steps. The patient should be in this conversation with the doctor when he has pain or whether any impairment in the sit, walk, etc. exist. By Ultrasound examination be false diagnoses and false treatments avoided, which unfortunately occurs. Here the impression of a cosmetic treatment to emerge, the patient should be clearly negative and the doctor to know. Medication is nothing to do here. Also massage (soft do) because there are no muscles, helps nothing. Depending on their location lipomas can relocate if they are pressed, then return them back into their position. How important for locating lipomas of the ultra sound device is important, I want to show here.
In January 2009 my left thigh was again tested by Ultrasound. The last operation on the thigh was almost three months back. It was again noted at the 2 parts of the femur new liquid fat evolved and a new Ansammelung already fat (Lipoma) has formed. The size was 46 mm in length with a diameter of 6 mm.
On 25 May 09 was another ultra sound test, since pain occurred. The result showed that in the mentioned area 2 lipomas have formed, whose size were as follows: 1) 6.3 x 2.5 x 0.6 cm 2) 5.3 x 3.5 x 0.7 cm.
Thus challenged, as it is alleged, lipomas grow slowly. Such an allegation can only be made if no lipomas and the development of regularly monitored. Such a process is not yet I have heard. This finding, however, requires it, if you about the "return" of lipomas speak. See also my note
"New lipomas?"
Surgery and then .......
From the remarks in the forum Lipoma, I gathered that hardly anyone ever seen a Lipoma and has no idea this is. That's why I agreed to their own pictures of me to publish in this spectrum more clarity you are building. These pictures show the body parts after the 2nd Operation 2007 and one week after discharge. On this day, 8 individual operations carried out and some were in the operating room the first time these recordings made and are the first lipomas and their properties, which are published. They speak many conflicting views and opinions and also show clearly that a "suction" here not need to be discussed, as lipomas components (tissue) and often they are nerves, and are poorly accessible. Once the lipomas in the air come, confirm they are at a golf ball. As with almost all the operations are the first 3-4 days after being cut size is of particular importance. This shows whether or not any infection or blood or develop Wundwasser is accumulated .. In all cases, the surgical drainage an appeal and it is advisable to use the running fluid after fat ingredients to investigate. Stay residues back, it grows next Lipoma!
Once the staples or threads are removed, the patient should be the surgical wound care for themselves. I would advise any ointments as well as the very good JOHNSON cream is not used here because they are excellent for healing skin injury but will not in operation wounds. My best experience I have and because nothing will change - with Pure Emu Oil (not a product from the USA!) Done. Several times a day, the Emu Oil on and around the wound and apply leave. Fast shows off the scar that is smooth and the redness and loses more and more reduced. Emu Oil is also anti-inflammatory and thus heals the skin scar from the inside. Everything else closes the pores and prevents the penetration and healing. (Even if the manufacturer claims the opposite.)

I have to advise clearly that all my expierences with Lipoma could not be understand as a medical help or advise given and shouldnn't so be understood as such. I'm not a medical practioner or have any medical training. All blogs are based of my own experiences with Lipoma, with correspondences with medical practioners and with companies, who are working in this field.

Hope for an end
Over this whole period, came with me on issues that I could not answer. In several books I leave on the formation of the fat body, and came to a point in the talk of excess body fat production of the speech was. Also missing for me here a balance! But that gave me the answer yet, because I wanted to know why the body can this surplus will not seclude? I let the body acidity and learned that much of the fat impedes drainage. So I had two things to me even as a non-chemist made any sense and I researched further until I came to the minerals, the chemical process that should happen.
Now suppose I spent 2 minerals, and this will Experiement through for a while, along with regular ultra-sound tests, etc. After three months, then it should be somewhat apparent.
New lipomas?
So far, the evidence that lipomas grow again. I have this doubt arose and I hope I am right. At several points, for example, surgery on the back and on both upper arms are no lipomas more noticeable. Does it offer? Are there after several cuts all lipomas come out? If so, then perhaps the assumption that no lipomas grow but that the removal of the other but not all seen, detected and removed. Determines that confirmation would have been making some progress. I hope for myself and for everyone else, the reality of that experience and confirm the long term.
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